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Guided RV Tour of the Southwestern USA

January 8, 2013 by +  
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Guided RV Touring is a great way to spend time with friends and family, or just to get out on your own and meet some new and interesting people while exploring new places. On the Southwest Rim Tour of the United States, you’ll be guided by friendly and knowledgeable staff who take  a great deal of pride in what they do. You’ll be led to some of the most remarkable destinations in the Southwestern United States including Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, and much more. 

The southwest rim tour combs through the four Southwestern most States of the USA, captivating minds as the wonders of this astonishing creation carry you through the deepest recesses of beauty. Some of the world’s most vibrant colors in nature come to life here and remain alive, minute after minute, mile after mile. Day by day we travel deeper and deeper through this region. and then, we circle around and head back up the coast to view some amazing sites and geographical formations carved by the mighty Pacific Ocean.

This region of the United States can be described differently by each person who tries to describe it. It contains perhaps some of the most sublime sights on this entire planet.

Take this tour with me, and enjoy an amazing and spectacular vacation that will go down in your history as one of the highlights of your life.

Each RV comes equipped with GPS Navigation devices with all of our destinations pre-programmed into them as well as printed out maps and directions. For your convenience, we have upgraded all RV’s with portable CB Radios for easy push-to-talk 2-way communications amongst the RV’s. As a general rule of thumb, we all travel at our own leisure, so feel free to stop and take pictures, use the rest-room facilities, grab a bite to eat, or drive on ahead and get to the next stop ahead of everyone else. 

Click Anywhere on the image below  for more detailed information about this tour! 

Map Route of the Southwest Rim Tour



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